Smile Tru

Livingstone Dental Excellence Smile Tru - Canaan CT

What is Smile Tru?

Smile Tru is an orthodontic treatment which enables one to get the smile of their dreams without anyone else knowing. A series of clear, removable positioners are used as an alternative to the traditional fixed braces made of metal brackets and wires. The positioners are designed to fit over the teeth, gently gliding them into the desired position.

Benefits of Smile Tru

With the positioners being clear, the Smile Tru treatment is almost invisible. This makes it difficult for others to know that you are having your teeth straightened, and makes such tasks as socialising and public speaking more easier and makes you less self conscious about going through the treatment. The removability of the positioners reduces the impact the Smile Tru treatment has on your daily life, especially when it comes to eating all of your favorite foods. There are no dietary restrictions as a result of being able to remove the positioners to eat and drink. The Smile Tru treatment is also very comfortable and safe, in addition to being affordable.